Dash (Dash Fascia) Removal - Submitted by rckozma/SuperGLS

Tools needed: Phillips Head Screwdriver

1. Remove the ashtray. Remove the two screw behind where the ashtray used to be.

2. Remove the two screws near the gauges (they are on the top of the inside of guage cavity).

3. Start from one side and gently (but not too gently) pull the dash fascia outwards. Doing this unclips the many clips that hold it in place.

Here you see where the clips (yellow), screws (red), and electrical connections (blue) are at.

4. Once you can reach behind the dash fascia unplug the electrical connections for the clock, hazard switch, and cigarette lighter.

5. Remove the entire dash fascia. For automatics it is best to put the car in gear and then pull up the parking brake. Otherwise the shifter gets in the way of easy removal.

6. Installation is the reverse of removal.

Note: Do not be afraid of breaking the clips that hold the dash fascia in place. Just pull firmly and there should be no problems.

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