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  • Hyundai takes steps to rectify incorrect MPG numbers

    If you have a 2011-2013 Hyundai Elantra you might not be getting that 40MPG highway that Hyundai has advertised. If that's the case head over to http://hyundaimpginfo.com/ to see what Hyundai is doing to rectify that situation.
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    1. cclngthr's Avatar
      The new numbers show the Elantra getting about 38 highway. Numbers are slightly lower, not a lot lower.
    1. SuperGLS's Avatar
      Right. Not too crazy.The deal people are getting sounds fairly good though.
    1. cclngthr's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by SuperGLS View Post
      Right. Not too crazy.The deal people are getting sounds fairly good though.
      At first, I thought the numbers would be much lower than 40, but it is not.

      I do expect though, people will see numbers higher than the stated new numbers; even on the new GT.

      Doubt that lawsuit out of California will not see fruit though; they want the automaker to use a much lower MPG; but the EPA doesn't go down that much.
    1. Aintnonerd's Avatar
      So the new accent I just fot me wife qualifies for reimbursment. I wonder what the e-mail will say...
    1. only1db's Avatar
      my dads accent was getting 44mpg on their most recent trip from NJ to SC.
    1. avantegt's Avatar
      My elantra usually gets over 40mpg on the way to LA, and thats combined with the city driving I do.

      I even got to just about 30 mpg in my moms tucson.
    1. jmoney's Avatar
      High way getting mid 30mpg
    1. cclngthr's Avatar
      Driven right, amf with the right tires, yes the car can get the stated, or above stated ratings. I'm suprized this is even an issue. All of my Hyundai's I have had got over the stated mileage. I was getting at least 40 in my 01 Accent and 07 HD.
    1. RotaMan99's Avatar
      My 05 gets 36-44 MPG highway depending on speed.
    1. lontecho's Avatar
      My 05 has been acting up, sometimes I get great mileage and others it seems like it has vaporized. Drive the same mileage and it changes ever other day. Maybe its the Cat
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