What the best H3 Bulb?
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Thread: What the best H3 Bulb?

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    Exclamation What the best H3 Bulb?

    Hey everyone. I am looking to find the brightest and best bulb i can put in my elantra. I need new ones and like to get some ideas i have the chrome inside to my headlights so i am looking for the brightest i can get becuase i work at night and it's hard to see and not ready to put the fog lights on. Anyone have any suggestions? Please let me know!

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    Default Re: What the best H3 Bulb?

    I bought the Phillips... uhh... doh, forgot the model #, but it's sold at Costco... some ppl now mistake my lights for HIDs now! It's definitely better than stock.
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    Default Re: What the best H3 Bulb?

    for halogen, I put PIAA xtreme white (or whatever PIAA calls them now) in my '96 Accent and they were great. I had a problem with bulbs burning out about every 6 months in the Accent, too, and the PIAA bulbs lasted about 2 years.

    I have the sylvania silverstars now in my fogs and while they're witer than the stock, they're very yellow looking compared to 6000K HID.

    If you're having trouble with night driving, it might be more cost effective for you to go to HID for around 100$-200$. rather than trying 2 or 3 sets of halogen bulbs at 20$ - 30$ per bulb.
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    Default Re: What the best H3 Bulb?

    Don't bother with any halogens. Any bulb with any type of blue coating on it is just gonna burn out fast, and they don't look much different than stock. You can get the HID's from a guy I use for $70 on Ebay. I got two from him already and he has 100% flawless feedback, literally and ships lightning fast. He is in Cali and I'm in Jersey. I bought a kit from him on Friday evening and had it on Monday afternoon on New Years Eve! http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/HID-X...3416QQtcZphoto
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    Default Re: What the best H3 Bulb?

    I have silverstar H3 in my fog lights and they are a lot brighter than my H7 silverstar bulbs!
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    Default Re: What the best H3 Bulb?

    Go with HID's. You won't regret it at all. It is definitely the best mod I have EVER done on my car.

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