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  1. How do you like the new EXD Polls section?
  2. How do you like the new EXD Polls section?
  3. What kind of Elantra do you own?
  4. What's your average gas mileage?
  5. What is your modding budget?
  6. How many times do you wash your Elantra?
  7. How often do you drive your Elantra purely for enjoyment?
  8. What is the main area you focus your modifications on?
  9. What is your favorite "box" on the homepage?
  10. Would you ever purchase another Hyundai, if yes, which model?
  11. Who else wants to go to the new Hyundai plant, seriously?
  12. Automatic of Manual Transmission?
  13. Interested in becoming a Professional Member?
  14. Where do you live?
  15. Which Elantra interior is the nicest?
  16. How many hours do you spend on EXD each week?
  17. How long have your OEM tires lasted?
  18. How satisfied have you been with your local dealer?
  19. July's COTM poll.
  20. Which two arcade games need to go?
  21. How often do you change your oil?
  22. How long have you driven your Elantra in one trip?
  23. Vote for August's COTM
  24. What is the biggest Hyundai Meet you've been to?
  25. How are we doing?
  26. What two engine choices should the new 2007 Elantra have?
  27. How do you feel about sattelite radio?
  28. Vote for September's COTM
  29. Would you like a Car Maintenance forum?
  30. Honestly, how much would you pay?
  31. How long do you plan to keep your Elantra?
  32. How many tickets have you gotten?
  33. October's COTM poll
  34. Have you run for COTM yet?
  35. How "fun" would you rate your Elantra?
  36. Are you going to submit a new merchandise logo for the contest?
  37. Vote for November's COTM
  38. What operating system are you using?
  39. How helpful do you find the EXD DIY's to be?
  40. So, have you posted any DIY's?
  41. Are you going to buy a 2006 EXD Calendar?
  42. When do you first check EXD during the day?
  43. Vote for December's COTM
  44. What is everyone asking for during the holidays?
  45. What is the top reason you visit EXD?
  46. What category will your first mod of 2006 fit into?
  47. January's COTM Poll
  48. Ready for the new year?
  49. How often do you clean the interior of your Elantra?
  50. How do you pay for auto insurance?
  51. Vote for February's COTM
  52. How much snow have you driven your Elantra in?
  53. Vote for March's COTM
  54. Would you work overtime for free?
  55. Would you enter your Elantra in a car show?
  56. Do you allow people to drink/eat in your Elantra?
  57. Are you going to HITH?
  58. Vote for April's COTM
  59. Has your Elantra been in an accident?
  60. Do you park your Elantra in a garage?
  61. What led you to purchase an Elantra?
  62. Vote for May's COTM
  63. Audio system: Stock or Upgraded?
  64. Would you use the Gallery if you could?
  65. Windows tinted?
  66. What's your favorite racing?
  67. Do you have any suspension mods?
  68. Are you watching the World Cup?
  69. When do you think you post the most?
  70. Vote for July's COTM
  71. Do you have an EXD Gallery?
  72. Voting for August's COTM
  73. Vote for September's COTM
  74. How long have you spent in the chat?
  75. Vote for October's COTM
  76. Wheels?
  77. At this point would you buy or consider buying a 2007 Elantra HD?
  78. Have you taken your Elantra to any of these places?
  79. November's COTM poll
  80. Is your car ready for winter?
  81. About how long ago did you do your last modification?
  82. Which new video game console do you own?
  83. December's COTM
  84. Done with mods for 2006?
  85. Vote for January's COTM
  86. Vote for February's COTM
  87. Do you have an EXD Garage?
  88. What do you do???
  89. Vote for March's COTM
  90. Are you on the Member Map?
  91. Vote for April's COTM
  92. Vote for May's COTM
  93. Vote for June's COTM
  94. How do you feel about driving in the rain?
  95. Vote for July's COTM
  96. Vote for August's COTM
  97. What was your first mod?
  98. Vote for Sept's COTM
  99. How many sets of wheels have you had on your car?
  100. Vote for October's COTM
  101. vote for November's COTM
  102. What links do you need in the Navbar?
  103. Vote for Decembers COTM
  104. Vote for January's COTM
  105. Vote for February's COTM
  106. Vote for March's COTM
  107. Vote for April's COTM - 2008
  108. Vote for May's COTM
  109. Vote for June's COTM
  110. Vote for July's COTM
  111. Vote for August's COTM 2008
  112. Vote for Sept 2008's COTM
  113. Vote for October 2008 COTM
  114. Vote for November 2008 COTM
  115. Vote for December 2008 COTM
  116. Vote for January 2009's COTM
  117. Vote for February 2009's COTM
  118. Vote for March 2009 COTM
  119. Vote for April 2009's COTM
  120. Vote for May 2009 COTM
  121. Would you ever purchase another Hyundai? 2009 Edition
  122. Vote for june 2009's cotm
  123. Vote for July 2009's COTM
  124. Vote for August 2009's COTM
  125. Vote for August COTM (Again)
  126. Vote for September 2009's COTM
  127. Vote for October 2009's COTM
  128. Vote for November 2009's COTM
  129. Vote for December 2009's COTM
  130. Vote for January 2010's COTM
  131. Vote for February 2010's COTM
  132. Who's going to win the Superbowl?
  133. Vote for March 2010's COTM
  134. Vote for April 2010's COTM
  135. How long have you driven your Elantra on one tank of gas?
  136. Vote for May 2010's COTM
  137. Vote for June 2010's COTM
  138. Vote for July 2010's COTM
  139. What kind of Auto Insurance do you have on your Elantra?
  140. Vote for August 2010's COTM
  141. Vote for September 2010's COTM
  142. Vote for October 2010's COTM
  143. Vote for November 2010's COTM
  144. Vote for December 2010's COTM
  145. Vote for the winner of the EXD Video Contest!
  146. Vote for January 2011's COTM
  147. Vote for February 2011's COTM
  148. Vote for Car Of The Decade....2011 edition
  149. Why haven't you listed a part with Styckyd?
  150. Vote for May 2011's COTM
  151. Vote for 2011 Elantra Commercial Contest Winner!
  152. Vote for June 2011's COTM
  153. Vote for August 2011's COTM
  154. Vote for Sept 2011's COTM
  155. Vote for October 2011's COTM
  156. Vote for November 2011's COTM
  157. Vote for December 2011's COTM