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: BodyShop Mecahnic and Dealer Reviews

10-31-2005, 11:08 AM
Basicaly I want people to post there experience with Bodyshops Mechanics and Dealers.

This is what I want.
Name of company,
What was done (i.e. body work timing belt change ect.)
Quality of work (1-10)

Brief summary of your experience

I'll Start
17107 Clay Rd, Houston, TX
Repaired bumper from when i got rearended and damage door and quarter panel.

I didnt really like how the work came out. From a distants you cant tell really but when you get close to the door you can see what was repaired. I wasnt happy with the work if i could do it again i would have paied the extra $85 and gotten it done in a dealership. Thats another thing they told me 3 days it ended up being 8 days and an extra $60 to replace a trim piece. Overal i'm pissed **** maaco.

Ok everyone elses turn..