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: I need a second opinion.

07-01-2004, 01:08 PM
About a month ago I had to take my hatch to the dealer to get the stupid airbag sensor fixed under the passenger seat. While I was there I asked them if they could rebalance my right front tire because a few days prior I had hit a pretty bad pothole going about 25-30 mph. They came back and told me that BOTH of my passenger side wheels are bent and that I need two new ones and possibly two new tires because they cannot guarantee the integrity of the tires. Total cost $520 - not covered by warranty. So I went and got my car and said @#$% off.

Looking at the front passenger wheel, there is no damage to the exterior of the tire or the wheel itself. No scrapes, dings, dents, nothing. They only thing I noticed is that the weight is missing on the front wheel.

My question is this, do you guys think that I could just get them balanced and be fine. I have been driving on them for a month (about 2500 miles) and there is no signs of uneven wear or anything. Appreciate the info.

07-01-2004, 01:31 PM
Take it to another shop for a second opinion and don't tell them why you want them to look at the car(don't mention potholes). Some dealers and their workers are just pricks and if you mention "I hit a pothole and I think some thing might be wrong" they will invent problems that could have been caused by a pothole even when the parts on your car are perfectly good. And when they tell you something is bent broken worn down always ask them to show you. If they can't show you the bad part and explain what it should look/measure like when new or not broken they are trying to scam you. Make sure you deal with shops that will give back all worn broken or replaced parts when a core is not needed for the new parts. A brake shop should be able to show you that you only have 2mm of pad left not just tell you, same thing with anything else. SHOW ME THE MONEY

07-01-2004, 01:33 PM
Have them balanced somewhere else. I take mine off the car and give them to STS tire. It's about $25 for two wheels... when I rotate them I have the ones going in front done only (every 3 months).

04 elantra cvvt
07-01-2004, 07:45 PM
I agree... Take them to another shop and tell them that you need them balanced. They'll let you know if there is something really wrong.

07-01-2004, 08:20 PM
Thats what I thought just wanted to run it by someone else. Thanks.

04 elantra cvvt
07-01-2004, 08:33 PM
Any time black night!