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: Bendix Brake pads.

11-12-2006, 08:38 PM
Hey oh, Have any Australian members bought new brake pads for ( must be ) 2004 on Elantra`s? I`m going to need to change mine soon, so I go out today to get some prices and get told Bendix don`t seem to supply the oct 2003 on elantra front disc pads yet. I got the local Brake and Clutch joker on the case, says he`ll ring me if something develops but I`ll spew if I gotta use Hardy Ferodo. Although the Ferodo`s can be had in a decent ( apparently ) compound, I`ve bought Bendix forever and dun wanna change.

11-12-2006, 10:30 PM
Sorry I haven't had to change mine yet.
How many km's you got on your car?

11-12-2006, 11:11 PM
Just gone 50,000. I got onto Bendix directly, guy said no prob we got 256 pair of ` em in stock, try REPCO for availability. So I did, and Mr REPCO ( Rip Every Poor C _ _ _ Off ) wants the princely sum of $92 for a pair of CT General Bendix pads. Ouch, local brake and clutch quoted my 68 or so if they could get them which they don`t seem to be able to. I could prolly squeeze another 8 - 10 K from these stock pads, but I`m not happy with them really. I`m going to get the rotors machined to get rid of the shudder also. I`ve prolly bought a half dozen pair of brake pads in my life eh, I don`t really cane them that much but now that asbestos isnt in the mix anymore they don`t last like they did. We shall see.

Edit: Brake and Clutch got me a pair coming tomo for $75.. The General Ceramic Technology ( GCT ) type bendix.

11-15-2006, 02:17 AM
So, I got the new pads yesterday ( General Ceramic Technology = GCT) Bendix. Whipped the old ones out, gosh, they looked to be 70% worn but on closer inspection I`d say barely 30%... Oh well stiff cheddar, I was still going to get the rotor`s machined ( $33 for the pair, cheap ) and I wouldnt put old pads back on freshly machined rotors. Well, not if I had new pads... Anyway its all done. I`ve changed some brake pads in my tenure ( here we go... ) I`d say the elantra was pretty damned easy.

I`ve just done a quick lap of the block, its actually stormed a bit today so the road was a lil wet, but the Bendix pads seemed to bed instantly ( says they will on the box ) actual feel is similar to stock, perhaps a lil more bite but not savage, pile on the pressure and they really start to shine, I actually locked a front a couple times, I hadnt really done that before. I didnt feel any shudder, nor any grabbing so hopefully I`m rid of that, it was getting nasty.

But, alas, I do have a weeping left front strut, shock, whatever. I noticed it when I rotated my tyres on the weekend, I wiped it off clean, and its started to weep again, so that discounts my theory of a possible brake fluid spill when they changed the fluid at 45,000. I spoke to the counter jockey at the service dept of my local Hyundai shop and he said no worries digger we`ll just replace it if its a dud. Pity they won`t do both fronts but thats life..