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: Zelie Flashlight Drags

10-05-2008, 01:10 AM
Went down to the local summer racing thing they do during the summer with a bunch of friends...I took down the 240, cause as much as I love the XD...it's not a race car.

It was a really fun time, so many muscle car's that are insane. I decided to try my hand at racing my friends, it was my 2nd time at the drags, first time in a 5-speed, and first time with a RWD.

Setup: Mostly stock 240sx
- 5zigen exhaust
- 370cc injectors
- z32 fuel filter
- walbro 255 fuel pump

I had a little under half a tank when I started, and I'm running mis-matched balding tires in the rear...ha!

1st race:
240sx vs. 300zx = 240 win!

2nd race:
240sx vs. S10 = S10 pwnage (my friend's got a good bit done to it)

3rd race:
240sx vs. 300zx = PWNT 300zx

4th race:
240sx vs. Cobalt = 240sx slaughtered! :eek::redface::wtf:

5th race:
240sx vs. Supra = 240 win

6th race:
240sx vs. Supra = Supra win

Once I figured out how to launch, my friend in his 300 didn't have a chance. And somehow my friend in his cobalt went 6-2!!! It was incredible, especially since he only as a ghetto intake and my old muffler.

This was down an marked 1/8th mile on an airport runway...over all, it was a GREAT time!