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10-05-2004, 10:42 PM
so it looks like the people i was going to go to canada and cleveland with wont be going...want to find out if anyone is going to HIN...i wont be going to canada, as it would be pretty dumb to go up and party alone...so if you all want to meet in cleveland before the show, get some lunch, then roll up, i think that would be SWEET...lol..its at the IX center in cleveland, and from the looks of it last time i was up there, its right off of 71 or whatever it is 71 turns into...just trying to get an idea so i can look into places to meet up when i go...be nice to meet some of you people

Hot Import Nights
IX Center
Cleveland OH
Show starts at 5 PM
Around 20-25$ to get in

make sure you bring your cameras...went to the one in chicago, took like 300 pics...and that was limiting myself...with my new camera (will hold 3,000 pics), im making sure i get a couple extra batteries...and the dancers there are just beautiful...

its a good time...id drive to chicago to see it again...definatly worth the 6.5 hour drive

10-06-2004, 07:43 PM
I have to work sat morning so no lunch for me but I will be at HIN wearing my ElantraXD shirt! Im going to spend all of friday and some of saturday detailing. If I had more time I couldve had the custom exhaust, tinted windows, spoiler, and rims by now, oh well! You can see the only "to my knowledge" lightly modified elantra in cleveland. I plan on getting there at 5 when it all begins and leaving at midnite.

10-09-2004, 04:12 AM
damn i didnt realize you were close...we should try to meet up outside the show before it starts (like around 430) so if you cant get some lunch we can still meet up...probably wont catch you in the show, i know when we went to the one in chicago, you cant take pocket knives in, so i took mine and my buddys back to the car...he went in, and i was wondering around the show for 3 hours before i met back up with him

were headed up Saturday...if anyone wants to meet in columbus, say Easton Area, i think were gonna leave around 12:00 noon...the show starts at 5, at the IX center in cleveland, and i think were gonna get some lunch in cleveland, with a couple guys from elantraxd.com ...if anyone wants to meet, i say we meet at Best Buy, out at the end of the lot, towards taco bell where its empty...(270 to morse rd exit, take exit west, best buy is about 1/2 mile down on right) ill be there about 1130, well head to cleveland around 12, get there around 230-300 (depending on traffic, stop at a rest area for drinks/whatever)

if anyone is in cleveland, and knows of a place to eat near the IX center, im open to suggestions...i dont know cleveland too well...if not, im sure we can drive up and find something up there...

So whoever is meeting up @ best buy, ill get a list going

1. evan938

well, doesnt look like anyone from here is comin...ill still stop by best buy before i head up there...if anyone on here is goin, and gets this...give me a call on my cell, ill meet you up at the show, say hi...614-374-7741