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: Considering an Elantra 2006 GT Hatchback. Opinions and Advice?

03-01-2011, 02:19 PM

I'm really in love with the Elantra 2006 Hatchback but have a bit of a pride issue going on. My Dad and Uncle will be dissecting my choice in vehicle, the vehicle itself and my knowledge of the vehicle. Both men are mechanics and I was the little girl who was the only female permitted in their garage growing up. So I want to impress them with my choice but I know very little about Hyundai but have been talking to everyone, including taxi drivers, about theirs and everyone has very positive reviews. I am all grown up, a wife and mother now, who doesn't really talk shop anymore but would like any info I could bring back to them. What exactly, specific to the Elantra, do I need my Mechanic family members to check out so I know I'm getting a good deal for my little family.

Thanks so very much for any help,

03-01-2011, 07:41 PM
No real major problems- keep an eye on the odometer- 96,000-100,000 kms needs a new timing belt (change all the other belts and water pump at the same time). Automatic transmissions- I flushed every 48,000 kms real Hyundai-branded SPIII trans fluid (auto trans can be finicky, should use the OEM fluid).
Can be prone to rusting- I religiously got my 2004 Krown'd every October when I lived in Montreal for 4 years, now it still has zero body rust, undercarriage looks great too.
Some hatchback owners report water leaking and pooling in the spare tire well.
OEM or other high quality oil filter (not Fram) recommended... My CV joint boots are still in good condition, so are my suspension components, but that could also be attributed to the Krown treatment...

03-02-2011, 03:20 PM
Thanks Mtlelantra, that was exactly what I needed to know!! I'm very lucky to have you reply to my posting seeing as you lived in Montreal and know the weather/salt conditions my poor car will be facing. I really appreciate it!!!

03-04-2011, 02:50 AM
Honestly, don't worry about the mileage. Look for one that is clean, and free of dents/dings, bad paint. Also, look at maintance records. At 60k the Timing belt has to be changed, check the condition of the oil, coolant, tranny fluid. All should be clean. Belts/hoses should have been replaces as per maintancne. These are good reliable cars with consistant maintaince.

03-04-2011, 09:43 AM
basically it just boils down to if it was well maintained, had the proper services done and such. these cars age well with a good maintenance record.
and as far as anything else goes.. 06 hatch gt, they look awesome too and often have many of the factory features not found on base 4dr sedans :D