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: 03 Elantra

09-10-2012, 06:57 PM
Looking at getting one these but I am new to this scene. Had a few Pontiac's in my day some heavily modded. The car I am looking at is an 03 elantra gt with 37k on it. Anything I should inspect that a test drive won't show? What are the reviews on this model and what aftermarket is out there for these cars? Please provide me with all the knowledge this board has to offer.

09-11-2012, 12:08 AM
There is a plenty of aftermarket for these cars, you just need to know where to look.

I would say to check for the usual stuff like rust, bondo, strange noises when test driving it.

Also check the timing belt before you get it.

09-11-2012, 09:35 AM
You can't really check the timing belt . So unless the previous owner shows some proof of it being replaced, I would suggest changing it first thing. They should be replaced every 60k miles or every 4 years. Low mileage is great but a nearly 10 year old original belt is asking for trouble.