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: Huge Southern Cali MEET-All Hyundais Welcome!!!!!!

02-07-2005, 03:06 AM
MARCH 19th, 2005---BSE and Hyper Auto Club Present.....

Please View and RSVP in this thread on our Club Site.

Thank you.
We will be using the club site to monitor the amount of people that will be showing up.

02-07-2005, 03:20 AM
Not working :confused: :wtf: :repost:

02-07-2005, 11:54 AM
There ya go....and please RSVP on the club site...

02-07-2005, 04:33 PM
Fixer I lost my username and pass word to log on can ya help me e-mail addy that I used was [email protected]

Never mind got it....

02-09-2005, 01:35 AM
cool. There are some others comming down from your area.

I really hope the XD turn out is good...seems to have been slacking off recently.