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: Bodykit Group Buy!

03-07-2005, 01:22 PM
I had a few requests for the lip-type bodykits made by PSC Motorsport in Australia, and figured I might was well try to run a GB in hopes of offsetting the extremely high shipping rates. We'll gather interest for a few weeks and then proced with the order--I'd like to get 4 or 5 definites before moving forward.

XD2 “Astrel” - $1200 (spoiler - $275)
XD2 “Talon-A” - $950 (spoiler - $225)
XD2 “Talon-B” - $950 (spoiler - $225)
XD1 “Talon” - $950 (spoiler - $200, LED spoiler - $250)

I would rather sell these kits as a whole, but depending on the interest around here, I might be willing to part them out as well. Fed Ex Freight shipping will be in the area of $125-$250, depending on where you guys are located. I can give exact quotes if you post up or PM me with your city and zip code. Payment info will be edited into this post once we have a feel for the amount of interest...

PSC "Talon-A" (XD2)

PSC "Talon-B" (XD2)

PSC "Talon" (XD1)

PSC "Astrel" (XD2)