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: damn cd player

07-19-2005, 01:54 AM
so when i got my car (nov 03), the dealership sold my old car w/o pulling the cd player like they were supposed to. at first, i was pissed, then they said they would buy me a brand new cd player (dec 03/jan 04)...go down to the shop, and i guess they thought i had mp3 player on my old one, this and that etc...so they hook me up w/ a cd player, mp3 player, xm ready, rca outputs for subs, everything i was looking for...like a 300-350$ deck (if i remember correctly...it was over 300 for sure)...it was a pioneer deh p550mp. this thing is great....well, early this year, i start seeing the face plate start to dim out sometimes...enough that i cant read anything...eventually, it gets so bad, i cant see anything except for about 5 seconds after the car starts, then it dims out...

take it back to the shop, they tell me the problem is the face plate, and its covered under warranty and that i could
a) send it in, take about 3 weeks to get it fixed or
b) buy a new faceplate (100$)

so i think about it for a while, trip to chicago was coming real soon, so i buy a new face...go pick it up, doing the same thing...so im pissed. they then tell me it must be the deck (no ****, sherlock) and charged me 10-12$ for restocking...since i no longer have my tape deck/radio, im not going to go w/o music for 3 weeks. so i spend 50$ to buy a stock cd player from someone, get it in, send the deck back w/ the faceplate (6/24ish). i get it friday, turns out there was a blown transistor, i get it installed, working fine...sweet.

until saturday night. i didnt drive all saturday until i went to go to a party (left about 7/8ish) and the damn thing starts doing it again. there is no way in hell im sending it back for another 3 weeks. i call the shop and ask what pioneers deal is w/ warranties, and he said he would call them, explain the problem, and see what they say

at this point, im freakin pissed off. i can hear music fine, which isnt the problem, but it is extremely hard to change anything without seeing whats going on.

07-19-2005, 02:35 AM
sounds like you should just dump that **** and get a clarion head unit or a clarion head unit... or maybe a clarion head unit. haha. all i can say is that i have had Alpine, Pioneer, Kenwood, Sony, ETC. and the only brand that has ever been completely reliable is clarion. i love my clarion head unit it rocks.

07-20-2005, 06:32 AM
i love my clarion head unit it rocks.

couldn't tell. jfwy.

The go to pioneerelectronics.com and find a local service location. Take the unit there, and they should be able to repair it for free in a day or so.

07-20-2005, 03:00 PM
To be without music can suck, but not to sound like a dick, but you should be happy they are willing to fix it for free. You didn't pay anything for it, other then the org deck that would be way out of warr by now. When you say you took it to the shop, where did you take it? When I had my old pioneer fixed it was at -

Ph (614) 265-9010

They are the only auth Pioneer car cd repair in Columbus.

They are downtown, and been there for years. They did a great job on mine.

Do you still have the OEM cd to put in while it's being worked on, if not I'll let you borrow a Cass one till you get yours back.

07-20-2005, 03:12 PM
if you have any type of amp hooked up to your deck, you may want to check the wiring. my Aiwa deck was doing the EXACT same thing.. it would be just fine for 5 seconds then dim to almost black. opened up the dash, and found that the "remote wire" (turns amp on when deck is on) was loose, and as soon as i pulled the deck out it came apart. idk.. just my 2 cents