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Conversation Between SuperGLS and Robbieo

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  1. Hey,

    Have you priced out a Focus with all the options you want? I'm sure the price is similar or even more expensive. As for the Civic Hybrid, that's a totally different vehicle and I'm not sure it should be compared with the Elantra and Focus. The Elantra will come with Hyundai's terrific warranty, Assurance program, and Assurance Trade-In value guarantee. Check out the "Considering an Elantra," "General Elantra Talk," and "Other Cars & Auto News" sections of this forum for more info.

  2. Hi. First time here. Just tried posting hoping for feedback but I don't see my post anywhere. Sorry to bother you. Here's a cut and paste of my post:

    Between the 2011 Elantra lmtd edition with nav (msrp $24k right now!!)! Or 2012 Ford Focus? Honda Civic hybrid?

    I started out thinking Elantra for around 20 k but now I can't help but want all the options, and now I'm up to 24k. For that price I could/should get...??

    Need feedback, thanks..
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