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ElantraXD Extras is where you will find all of the great things you love about EXD that are not directly related to the forums. Extras includes things like the ElantraXD Car of the Month pages, Do It Yourself Guides, Links to other great Hyundai content, the EXD Shop and Elantra social networking sites. You can click on these Extras using the menu options above.

The Extras page is currently in construction mode but will soon be complete.

ElantraXD Favorites

Car of the Month: The Car of the Month section shows off Elantras that have won the ElantraXD Car of the Month award beginning in 2004. Each COTM page includes photos of the member's cars, a modification list current to the moment in time, and a brief Q&A session with each winning member.

Do It Yourself: The Do It Yourself section is full of information that will allow you to perform maintenance or modifications on your Elantra. Each Do It Yourself guide features step by step directions with pictures written by Elantra owners like yourself. Each DIY guide also has a link at the bottom to the original DIY thread on the ElantraXD forums in case you still have questions about that guide.

Links: The Links section of ElantraXD features various links related to the Hyundai world. Links are included for other Hyundai community forums, Hyundai aftermarket parts providers, and official Hyundai national and international sites.

Wiki: The ElantraXD Wiki allows the Elantra community to compile information for themselves and keep this information up to date. Information on the Wiki includes things like an aftermarket parts guide, Hyundai dealership reviews, Do It Yourself guides among other great pieces of information. Please take a moment to look at the Wiki and contribute as well.

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