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Crooked H - Crooked H is a large forum that is focused on all Hyundai models. Seoulfulracing - Aftermarket site dedicated to all Hyundais. More performance based store as compared to other Korean retailers.
Hyundai Aftermarket - Hyundai Aftermarket is another great Hyundai site dedicated to all Hyundai models. Shark Racing - Shark Racing is a Korean manufacturer/distributor of Hyundai aftermarket parts.
NewTiburon - NewTiburon is a forum dedicated to the 2003-2008 Tiburons. EvoFusion/Team SR - EvoFusion is a parts manufacturer/distributor located in California.
Sonata Speed - SonataSpeed is a forum dedicated to all model year Sonatas. kSpec - kSpec is a distributor of KDM and Korean Hyundai aftermarket parts.
Santa Fe Forum.Net - Sante Fe Forum.Net is dedicated to all model year Santa Fes.
Hyundai Tuscon Club - Dedicated to the new Hyundai Tuscon.
Hyundai Performance - Hyundai Performance is the best Hyundai forum that covers all model Hyundais. Mussa - U.S. manufacturer of Hyundai aftermarket parts.
Beta Swap Shop - A forum and store dedicated to the Hyundai favorite Beta Swap.
ARK Perfromance - Manufacturer of various Hyundai aftermarket parts.
Importshark - Retailer of various Hyundai aftermarket parts, including various body kits.
Paintstratch - Best place to get factory Hyundai paint.
eBay - eBay. Enough said.
All Hyundai Isuzu Parts - Great online junkyard with new Hyundai parts arriving weekly.
Korean Auto Imports - Retailer of various Korean parts and accessories.
Spoiler Depot - Various selection of spoilers (OEM and aftermarket).
LA Wheels Direct - Retailer of various aftermarket wheels.
Hyundai USA - Official Hyundai USA website. Hyundai Service Technology (WebTech) - Extremely valued resource that helps in EVERY aspect of owning a Hyundai.
Hyundai Canada - Official Hyundai of Canada website. Hyundai Parts Online Catalog - Official online parts catalog for the United States. Can be used to order parts from the dealerships.
Hyundai Australia - Official Hyundai of Australia website.
Hyundai News - Official Hyundai news site.
Hyundai Worldwide - Official Hyundai Worldwide website.