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Thread: 1/4 mile, HP and others calculators

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    Default Re: 1/4 mile, HP and others calculators

    I did not know that so thank you for clearing that up

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    Hyundai Elantra XD

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    Default Re: 1/4 mile, HP and others calculators

    Quote Originally Posted by 2000J25SP View Post
    The XD is NOT in the 2600 pound range. Hyundai claimed the weight was just over 2600, but they actually republished the weight of the older, smaller, lighter J2.

    In 2001 Caranddriver magazine tested an '01 XD, base model, manual, no options. On their scale, it weighed 2886.
    Some people claim 26xx pounds. But anyone that has ACTUALLY had their XD on a scale knows that the 26xx figure was BS.
    Not disagreeing with you but has anyone here weighed their car? I would be interested in seeing some actual weights.
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    Default Re: 1/4 mile, HP and others calculators

    IDK about on this forum, but on Elantraclub a couple of long time, trustworthy members have weighed their XD's.

    Bobzilla's XD(Named Porky)
    Porky on the SCCA National Tour scales weighed in at 2880 with a 1/4 tank of gas, no spare, tools trunk carpet, lightweight 16x7 Konigs and 225/45/16 RS2's
    Cobas XD:
    My car's weight (2003 Hyundai Elantra GT hatchback with ABS and sunroof) is 3050 lbs.


    Here's the Magazine article I quoted:

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