[XD] Newbie has nitrous and driveline durability questions
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Thread: Newbie has nitrous and driveline durability questions

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    Default Newbie has nitrous and driveline durability questions

    Hi all, newbie here obviously. I'll try to keep the story short but I am a drag strip guy and my main track car is a notch mustang. Sadly in my area once your car gets past 11-12 seconds people won't even run for fun anymore. Not trying to be braggy as there are plenty Of cars in my area that walk all over mine but folks get scared of evenly matched races and won't run if there is a chance of them losing which drives me crazy. Luckily our tuner population is a little different and they will run anyone anytime. This has led me decide to modify one of my daily drivers and I am eyeballing my 06 Elantra 5 speed.
    My plan is cheap and basic. I'm around 86k miles and I abuse my cars so my shocks are shot and my clutch is on its last leg.(It gets power shifts from time to time) my plan is to do a very basic bolt on +nitrous FWD car that can pull decent 60' times as time at the track has taught me most of my fwd competition can't 60' for ****. Plus that is where most races are won.
    I am wanting to replace the parts I need to with a decent but very cheap set of coilovers and a clutch that will hold up to a 100 shot or more. I am planning on headers leading halfway back to an electric exhaust cutout and after that just the stock exhaust. Also a intake, drag radials, and whatever supporting mods for the nitrous.
    My main question is on the durability of the 5speed transmissions in these cars and the axles. Fwd cars seem to snap axles very quickly with drag radials and that is a big concern. I understand that my nitrous hp level I am shooting for is high but blowing an engine is not a huge concern as I have another daily driver. Also is it easy or difficult to find people to dyno tune these cars? I herd you can use certain year tiberon coilovers that are cheaper and I am curious if this is true? And if so what is a brand people have had good luck with? Any other heads up on problems I may run into would be nice also.

    I apologize for all the questions in one large lump some. I am just wanting to see if the drivetrain on these cars is durable enough for launches on drag radials or if I should save my money and purchase a different project tuner.
    Hoping for good news as this car has been good to me and I enjoy driving it.

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    Default Re: Newbie has nitrous and driveline durability questions

    I really can't say as i have no experience on , but i have seen some crazy stuff on 05/06 elantras and even accents with stock drivetrains. Just nuts turbo systems and such, and it seemed to tackle it well. Can't say from experience but i know i've seen some real power into these babies.
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