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  1. General Elantra Talk
    My power window motors are dying. I would like to convert to manual windows.
  2. Member Profiles
    This is my 2000 Elantra GLS with 167,000 miles. Mods: 1.8 Intake cam 17mm Tiburon RD rear sway bar Energy suspension polyurethane rear sway bar bushings Cut 1 coil from front springs XD Elantra rear struts Power steering delete Air conditioning delete Polyurethane motor mounts Short shifter...
  3. New Member Checkpoint
    Hello all, I have perused the forums here several times over the years when I have had issues with my 2000 Elantra. My issue now is a switch with a short in it. The A/C switch on my dash works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. And that of course means my A/C works sometimes and sometimes...
  4. Help!
    Ok, I have a 2000 Elantra GLS. It will not start, turn over or even make any starter noise. I've never had any starting problems with this vehicle. Until Wednesday it cranked right up every time. Everything in the interior seems to work fine. Headlights come on at full brightness and the...
1-4 of 4 Results