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  1. Audio/Video/Security
    Hello everone im new to this forum amd also a forst time car owner. I recently bought a used 2002 elanta gls and did some fixing to it. Mainly brakes, Weather stripping, 02 sensor. Anyway I am pretty happy with the car so far rides nice and also has 87k miles. The speakers in the car are fine...
  2. Marketplace
    getting ready to scrap my car so i thought i might try and sell some parts before doing so just reply with what you want and a price i need to get the parting out done asap so i can scrap the car ill sell cheap i promise i also have a gt spoiler on the car custom gauges headlights and led...
  3. Help!
    elantra engine help okay i really wanna swap a 2004 elantra engine with vvt into my 02 elantra gls transmission and everything. any idea? any advice and info would be appreciated i just need some help and figure out where to start
  4. New Member Checkpoint
    My name's Miguel, I'm from new jersey, and as of September 27th, I've become a proud owner of a relatively low mileage (about 121k) of a 2002 Hyundai GLS (maroon). It came with a bunch of new parts including a new cat, tires, front and rear sub frame, with new shocks and struts. Unfortunately...
  5. Member Profiles
    Heres my 2002 5 speed elantra in the car: custom cold air intake raceland coilovers stage 1 clutch custom mesh grille(first pictures were taken before fabrication) garage door seal(lip) 16" OZ superturismo wheels(dont have all 4 tires yet will post pictures soon) car should be done 05/20/13
  6. General Elantra Talk
    I have a 2002 GLS with an '03 2.0 DOHC. What kind of mods should I start off with given my scenario? I'm not poor but not rich. I am a mechanic with access to all amenities and tools of our full-service shop. I'm not extremely experienced due to my age deficiency... (17) The car has only...
  7. New Member Checkpoint
    So, I am a mechanic, and and elderly lady came in with an '02 Elantra GLS with a blown head gasket. I bought it from her for $100 and covered towing. The car was in very good condition and had low mileage. Other than the obvious engine malfunction and small dent in the left rear quarter (and the...
  8. Marketplace
    $300 Carbon Fiber Hood For Sale Fits 2001 2002 2003 (By Fiber-Images) I have a complete vented carbon fiber hood I bought in 2004 for an 03 elantra gt. It has been in storage the last 3 years. It will fit a 01, 02 and 03. I have pictures of the hood on my car, and of the hood taken today...
  9. New Member Checkpoint
    Stumbled across this site and forum while find info on my Elantra GLS... My 2002 Elantra GLS just turned 29,000 miles (yes, ...29,000). I don't drive a lot, about 3,500 miles per year, non-commuter, and am a educator in elementary schools. Hope to find a lot of questions answered here;)
  10. Appearance
    I just bought my 2002 hyundai elantra GLS. Im low on cash, like basically none. But i want to improve the appearance of it. This is my first car and have no money to like totally deck it out yet because i spent all my money on actually buying it. Any suggestions of some cheap things i can do to...
1-10 of 10 Results