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  1. Help!
    Hello guys, i own a 06 automatic 2.0L xd elantra. I have a doubt about the spinning speed of the candenser fan. I recently replaced the COND1 Relay (relay for condenser fan). Before replacement, when i turned the AC on, the fan started running in what i consider high speed. After replacing...
  2. Help!
    Hello and thank you in advance for any help! I just recently replaced both my battery and my headlights in my Elantra 2006 GT, but now I have another issue. Unfortunately I lost and broke all of the small plastic screws and their accompanying plastic bases (maybe they are rivets? fasteners?)...
  3. Marketplace
    ***SOLD - Manifold is no longer available*** I have a used but good condition exhaust manifold that I am selling. It's from a late model 2003 and is actually the 2004-2007 compatable manifold. I purchased it originally for my 2002 Elantra to replace the stock manifold, but it didn't fit. It...
  4. Help!
    2006 elantra gls, 52k miles, MIL came on 3 days ago, 'kicks' when shifting to reverse, on drive uses only 3rd gear... scanner showed P0885, according to it is "Transmission Control Module Power Relay Control Circuit/Open" i already spent few hours trying to...
  5. Considering an Elantra?
    Greeting, I'm really in love with the Elantra 2006 Hatchback but have a bit of a pride issue going on. My Dad and Uncle will be dissecting my choice in vehicle, the vehicle itself and my knowledge of the vehicle. Both men are mechanics and I was the little girl who was the only female...
  6. Appearance
    i know our cars are from korea.... though i want to mount a tow hook, has anyone done this or know a good mounting point??
  7. Appearance
    Hey Guys, I have a 2006 GT hatch, and I want to get some wind guards for it. Anyone have suggestions on the best and cheapest place to find a good product?:)
  8. Wheels and Tires
    Whatsup guys, recently I added AG springs to my 06 Gt Hatch. Looks cool etc.. but Im really tired with my stock alloy's and want new rims but since im a lazy 18 year old I have no job and dont want to drop 500 on some rims, so has anyone on ExD either powder coated their rims or sprayed them...
1-8 of 8 Results