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  1. Marketplace
    ***SOLD - Manifold is no longer available*** I have a used but good condition exhaust manifold that I am selling. It's from a late model 2003 and is actually the 2004-2007 compatable manifold. I purchased it originally for my 2002 Elantra to replace the stock manifold, but it didn't fit. It...
  2. New Member Checkpoint
    Hey everybody. Well, a week ago my parents bought me an 07 elantra limited, and I did some research for it and came across this site. Figured i'd sign up because I need some help :( . I have no idea what sort of mods are available for my elantra! The most common mod is a new air intake...
  3. Maintenance & Care
    Hey guys, I bought this car two days ago. It was previously owned by a light smoker and was ionized, the car its self smells perfect but when I turn on the air I can tell the filter needs to be replaced. Its an 07 Elantra GLS... I need help on how to replace the filter on my own, car came with...
1-3 of 3 Results