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  1. Audio/Video/Security
    My 2008 SE has the factory radio with the AUX port at the bottom. I've noticed some cars have the AUS AND a USB port. Is this an entirely different radio, or could I add the USB port and have it work with my radio? All the radios look the same except for the ports in the console.
  2. Do It Yourself Section
    It was pretty simple to do: Stick a screwdriver into the "notch" on the right side of the pod, make sure to use a bigger screwdriver, one that comes close to filling the notch, that'll give you more leverage. Just apply force until it starts to come out. Not too much is needed, once 1 or 2...
  3. Audio/Video/Security
    I currently have a 2008 factory radio in my Elantra SE and am disappointed that it doesn't support ID3 tags or scrolling of text in XM. I know the 2009 SE radio added a USB port. Are there any other enhancements added to the 2009 SE radio such as scrolling or ID3 tag support? I'd like to put...
  4. Audio/Video/Security
    Is there a way for this radio to read and display ID3 tag information from Mp3 files? It appears to only display actual file name. It seems dumb to make an MP3 radio that doesn't support reading the ID tags. It would also be nice to set continuous scrolling on. Maybe there's a hidden...
  5. Off-Topic
    So I went looking at some cars at the Hyundai Dealerships today with my mother to convince her to buy a Elantra... she said the Accord was too pricey, the Honda Fit and Versa were too weak... but I think she is considering the Civic. She tends to think Hyundai is bad no matter what reviews and...
  6. Off-Topic
    Ok got a couple of teaser pics for you guys from the meet. Couldn't stay long enough to get drunk and all that stuff due to having to go to work and all, but those of you who didn't go missed out on the chicken and stuff. I got myself a couple of stickers to put on the car too. PS sorry...
1-6 of 6 Results