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  1. Do It Yourself Section
    It was pretty simple to do: Stick a screwdriver into the "notch" on the right side of the pod, make sure to use a bigger screwdriver, one that comes close to filling the notch, that'll give you more leverage. Just apply force until it starts to come out. Not too much is needed, once 1 or 2...
  2. New Member Checkpoint
    Hey everyone, new to the site obviously, kind of overwhelmed at the moment, I have a 2010 Elantra which I love (23k miles) anyone have any tips or easy mods for these cars?
  3. Off-Topic
    It's that time again folks, as usual will keep the same pw. Anybody can join, and as usual, everyone needs to make your team name your name from exd. League name: EXD Season 2010 League ID#: 283966 Password: exdsucks All of last years managers have been sent an email. Here's our custom...
  4. Other Cars & Car News
    New Santa Fe for 2010. Couple appearance changes and two new engine options.
  5. General Elantra Talk
    From Hyundai. They are releasing a "Blue" edition which has some fuel saving updates. See below and comment! Link -
  6. Other Cars & Car News
    Looks like Hyundai has decided to offer a couple choices for the 2010 Touring as opposed to the one size fits all 2009 Touring. I think this will be good for Hyundai.
1-6 of 6 Results