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  1. Member Profiles
    Hey guys and girls, hope y'all didn't forget about me! This Friday I purchased a 2011 Elantra GLS. ~25000km on it. It's BONE stock, and looks like a young family owned it before me. Seats look like there were some messy assed kids in the back. Oh well... Got it for a decent price (for Canada)...
  2. 2011-2013 Hyundai Elantra MD/UD
    Belt or Chain? Does trim matter? I am going to be upgrading from my 03 and have read that it comes with a chain... is it true? Not sure if I am going to go with 2011 or 2012. Is there a difference, or no also? Thanks.
  3. Help!
    I'm trying to remove my right outside rear view mirror but i can't see how to remove the inside trim piece. Any help greatly appreciated.
  4. 2011-2013 Hyundai Elantra MD/UD
    apparently when i get bored and cant sleep this is what i do now. anyway, im just getting started here at elantraXD, and my new 2011 Elantra GLS is an upgrade from a 2001 Accent GS for me, so im obnoxiously entertained with it. ive wanted an Elantra for years, this is my first. i...
  5. Appearance
    Hey all, new to the forum and its late so I apologize if this is a redundant question. I did some reading (here) earlier trying to see if I could put in fog lights on my new gls, only found info on older models, its a gorgeous car upgraded from an 01 accent GS lol, and at first the thought never...
  6. General Elantra Talk
    More love for the Elantra (and other Hyundais).
1-7 of 7 Results