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  1. Help!
    Has anyone installed one of the aftermarket clutches for the A/C compressor? Just curious how difficult it would be. For $40, it seems more cost effective than replacing the whole compressor. Thanks! Fyi, I was able to install the clutch without too much difficulty. I did need to drill a hole...
  2. Audio/Video/Security
    Hey guys, I've done some searching on the site, but I've gotten some mixed answers about my questions. Anyways, I've got a '03 Elantra Hatchback GT (XD), and I was wondering about the speaker size for the fronts. I'm looking to get a component set-up and I'm looking at purchasing these...
  3. Marketplace
    One of my OEM steel rims are bent terribly... and either I am looking for a replacement, or if I must, squeeze out enough money to buy a set of aftermarket rims/tires I will take care of that now. Ideally, I need two OEM steel rims/tires for my front-end. Willing to spend around the $500 range...
1-3 of 5 Results