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  1. Other Cars & Car News
    Things looking good for Hyundai all over this wonderful world of ours. Looks like Korea had some sort of CARS program as well. Good to hear the Elantra is doing well and the LPI Hybrid is selling as well. Good stuff.
  2. News
    Congrats to CRAZIECRACKER for slightly edging out his competition in this month's Car of the Month. One of the few Elantra Limited's to win if my memory serves me right. COTM page to follow. Congrats!
  3. Polls
    CRAZIECRACKER exterior debadged trunk advance dress up solution badges on grill and trunk shorty style antenna 6k hid's in low beams yellow foglight bulbs removed orange turn signal marker from headlights hyperwhite bulbs in turn signals, license plate, parking lights, and reverse light...
  4. News
    Congrats to yoodk64 for being nominated August COTM. Nice car in real life, nice guy on the forums, what more can we say? Another silver one... I'm feeling sad, hahaha. Again, congrats! The COTM page will be up when I get a chance.
1-4 of 4 Results