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  1. Help!
    Alrighty, the thing is i have underglows and under dash lights and with my amazing wiring expertise i wired them into my car, via putting the hot wire into an existing fuse hole and the proceeding to reinstall the fuse, and ta-da, god said let there be light. I would really like to be able to...
  2. Audio/Video/Security
    Alright, so as many of you read I did a write up on, What it takes to go BIG in regards to car audio. I didn't happen to write it for the heck of it, I wrote it because that's my plan exactly! So without further rambling, this thread will provide as the place for all my updates on my Audio...
  3. Off-Topic
    Is this new? Or has this always happened when the box got close to full? I think it's cool. I'm a dork.
1-3 of 3 Results