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    FS: H&R springs & Prothane swaybar bushings $125 I have a set of lightly used H&R lowering springs as well as a full set of new Prothane swaybar bushings in 23mm and 19mm that are greasable. Never installed either because I ended up buying another car instead. Willing to sell both for $125, you...
  2. Suspension/Brakes/Drivetrain
    So I just bought an 18mm tiburon rear sway bar, after researching the search function, I see a lot of users talking about polyurethane bushings. Could I get these at just any auto parts store, or special order through a site? And what exactly am I looking for, because I read some users talking...
  3. Help!
    Hi All - Looks like a great community, so thanks in advance. I have a 2005 Elantra GLS that has recently started needing pricey repairs. Please look at the attached estimate and let me know what I should do myself (I'm a bit of a tinkerer and have a mechanical engineering degree). I'd rather...
  4. Suspension/Brakes/Drivetrain
    I have just ordered all the parts for the Tib rear sway bar mod and wanted to do something to the front end sway bar. But I have read on here that if you do a bigger sway bar in the front its not so good. So I was just going to get some Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings for the front bar...
  5. Suspension/Brakes/Drivetrain
    Will these work? I know most Tib suspension parts work for the XD but I don't remember if anyone has said if the trailing arms are the same. Anyone know if these bushings will fit?
1-5 of 5 Results