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  1. Help!
    Hello, About 2 weeks ago as I was driving home I noticed a clicking noise coming from outside the car. When I got home I found that the noise is most prominent from something under the valve cover. I have yet to pull it off to look but I was wondering what your input can be on this issue before...
  2. Help!
    Hey everybody, I have a 2004 Elantra GLS, automatic transmission, 106k. Recently, I started hearing a clicking noise at idle. It is coming from the transmission and occurs mostly at idle in Park or Neutral but does occasionally occur while driving. When it does happen it goes away when engine...
  3. Maintenance & Care
    my 04 elantra GT is now making a ticking noise when i accellerate. sounds kind of like air escaping from the manifold, but that doesn't seem to be it. Any help would be appreciated! oil level is fine also, but old. thanks.
1-3 of 3 Results