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  1. Car of the Month
    There are some changes to this months Car of the Month rules. Mainly, you can nominate your car as soon as a year after previously winning. Please reread these rules and submit your entries. Rules for Car of the Month: 1. Only 2001-2011 Elantras are eligible to be a Car of the Month since...
  2. News
    The 2010 EXD Car of the Month calendar is now available from the EXD Shop. It features all of the COTM winners from 2009 in their winning months. You can check out previews of each month as well. Selling it for $0.50 cheaper than last year too! Please support EXD (and the 10 or so hours I...
  3. News
    Big congrats to snoozeone for being nominated COTM for December this year. Although he's new around here he seems enthusiastic about things and hopefully he'll continue to post during 2010. Everyone say congrats! More importantly, his car rounds off a good year of lots of different color...
  4. News
    Congrats to evilcalvin for being nominated COTM. COTM page to follow. I hope he decides to stay around and post more frequently.
  5. News
    Everyone give a big round of applause to Ugzz for being nominated October COTM. This might have been one of the closest two person races we've ever had here at EXD (and I know jimbo3n21 is going to win here soon as well). Ugzz is friendly (most of the time), helpful (most of the time) and has...
  6. News
    Congrats to Alienpit for being nominated September's COTM. It's his second Elantra and the Tiburon front looks really good (I think we can all agree about that). Everyone say congrats. The COTM page will be up later today. PS- Another non-silver/pewter/sterling Elantra winning COTM. YES!
  7. News
    Congrats to CRAZIECRACKER for slightly edging out his competition in this month's Car of the Month. One of the few Elantra Limited's to win if my memory serves me right. COTM page to follow. Congrats!
  8. Polls
    CRAZIECRACKER exterior debadged trunk advance dress up solution badges on grill and trunk shorty style antenna 6k hid's in low beams yellow foglight bulbs removed orange turn signal marker from headlights hyperwhite bulbs in turn signals, license plate, parking lights, and reverse light...
  9. News
    Big congrats to Bill for being nominated COTM for July after a good four person race. Bill has (and has had for quite a while) a really nice XD and is helpful both on the site and in person. Plus, he has crazy kickball skills for being the "older" gentlemen that he is. So, big congrats to...
  10. News
    Congrats to Elantra87 for being nominated COTM for June 2009. Good looking car with a nice black and white color scheme going on and active around the forums as well (which is always good). Clap clap clap. This is the first white COTM since Bob back in November 2007. It's about time. Check...
  11. News
    Everyone give a round of applause to tuningunlimited for being nominated COTM for May. Finally a silver car breaks into COTM for 2009, I know all you Silver (aka Sterling/Platinum) fans out there are happy. So, congrats! Click here to see the COTM page.
  12. News
    Congrats to Onelove5683 for being nominated COTM for April. Pretty good two person race this month. I think Onelove5683 will certainly be the only Seashell Elantra to ever win COTM. So, congrats! COTM page to follow.
  13. News
    Congrats to March COTM plagued89. He has been tirelessly running over and over again and his hard work has paid off (even if the inside of his car is dirty, almost as dirty as mine). Let's all do an E-walk in his honor!
  14. News
    Congrats to sed and his red Elantra for being nominated COTM for February. It was a good 4 person battle this month. Two months. Zero silver cars. 2009 is the year of color it seems.
  15. News
    Starting the year off with the nomination of Silentwolf as COTM. A welcome way to start a new year where hopefully they'll be less silver cars winning! Yes guys, that's a challenge. Everyone give a round of applause for Silentwolf.
  16. News
    That time of the year again. The calendar should be available for purchase by next Saturday (maybe earlier) so make sure you save some money for it. This year I've had the help of Cory (Munky) and Derek (slyderdai). Does anyone have any idea of what we should put on the front cover this year...
  17. News
    Well, that was certainly a close one. I guess it was the closest ever after being tied at the first deadline. I just closed the voting at midnight and Deviant has come out victorious, just one vote ahead of plagued89 who put up a good fight. I was happy to see a lot of people running for...
  18. News
    Congrats to steev-o for being nominated the EXD COTM for September 2008. I think he's the first not-living-in-the-US-or-Canada member for nearly a year (Mayollo is part of the US in Puerto Rico), even though he used to live here. The COTM page will be up soon. Everyone say yay for him!
  19. News
    Congrats to yoodk64 for being nominated August COTM. Nice car in real life, nice guy on the forums, what more can we say? Another silver one... I'm feeling sad, hahaha. Again, congrats! The COTM page will be up when I get a chance.
1-19 of 21 Results