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  1. Off-Topic
    OK guys, take a look at this. Yeah yeah, I know it's cricket, but you just have to watch. It's great.
  2. Off-Topic
    You probably could have guessed. And a link to a cool story about past presidents.
  3. Off-Topic
    Saw this last night on TV. Commercial for American Express. Cricket is awesome.
  4. Off-Topic
    I know a lot of you guys build your own computers so I thought I'd ask if anyone has ever built their own laptop? Sometime in the future my wife's Dell laptop will probably be more trouble than it's worth and she'll probably end up moving to the Apple side of life like me. The problem I'll...
  5. South East
    Anyone in Broward County? I'll be needing to come down to Florida some time and I'll need some free lodging. If there is someone down there, have you seen the new cricket stadium? It's the first stadium built specifically for cricket in the US (or Canada). Memorial day weekend they are...
  6. Off-Topic
    Does anyone care about cricket here? Lately I've been really into the sport of cricket. In fact, I knew absolutely nothing about it and picked up the "Cricket for Dummies" book at work one day. I read a little here and there while on breaks and finished a couple months ago. It's a pretty...
1-6 of 6 Results