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  1. Help!
    I removed my '03 gls dash fascia a few times to replace gauge bulbs and recently to reprogram keyless entry remote. Every time when I tried to reattach the fascia, I have a trouble to put it back into where it used to be. Most problem is on the top right corner where the vents are. I can push it...
  2. Interior
    I've seen lots of threads about this, but get confused when people start talking bulbs. I want to change my dash to blue, what do I need to do? Just buy LED's and swap them out? Or do I have to solder (havent had much practice with that)? Any information would be a grand help!!
  3. Interior
    So, I need to do this. I was looking at HMA Service and they suggest a couple of things that I'm wary of attempting. First they suggest to take out the front seats and the center console. That's easy enough. Then they suggest the following. How safe is this for me to do? Remove the air bag...
1-3 of 3 Results