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  1. Help!
    Good morning, I've successfully converted my brakes from drum to disc by purchasing the whole wheel hub from a Tiburon. One thing I'm having problems with is the fit of the emergency brake cables. The cables I purchased are: 59760-29301 - LH 59770-29301 - RH I'm assuming for the parking...
  2. Help!
    Hey Guys. It's been awhile since i've been here. My old GT 2004 died and i replaced it by a GT GLS 2016 2 years go. It is now at 50K Km and i've started to have issues with my front brakes. When my front brakes get hot, the pads start to stuck on the disk and i can hear a scratching noise that...
  3. Help!
    I've got both front disc's are angled in the caliper. Other than the bearing, I can't see any way that the disc would nt be linked up correctly. But if the bearings were that bad wouldn't it make a ton of noise all the time when moving? Looking for thoughts on how this is possible. Took it...
1-3 of 3 Results