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  1. Appearance
    Looks like Shark Racing has these listed on their site. I get PMs about these all the time so I'm sure someone will be interested. I would confirm availability/shipping time/etc with SR before purchasing...
  2. Interior
    Looks like there are clear door markers available for the FDs as well. At $40, not a bad price either.
  3. Interior
    OLD: I have been thinking abouting making the clear door markers that some one was making and then stopped. It doesnt seem to hard to make. I just want to know if any one still wants a pair. I got a lot of free time to do it. I just want to know if it is going to be a waste of my time. PLEASE...
  4. Interior
    According to kSpec. They don't show pictures of them installed on the Elantra though. Picture of HD door. Picture from kSpec.
1-4 of 4 Results