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  1. Marketplace
    On a scale of one to ten, I figure if it not the greatest, most of it is still usable just replace major parts like the turbo itself. Just want to run 10psi avg.
  2. Naturally Aspirated
    Hey gang, I installed an Accord CAI in my 03 Elantra GT today... (LOUD, but definitely a noticeable increase in HP in the upper RPM range). My question is, with the no-name brands (my CAI was from eBay, details below), any idea if the filter needs to be oiled? I'm at a loss... the pleated...
  3. Appearance
    I've been meaning to get new headlights for my car for the last year or two, because my current ones are dinged up and foggy, and after sanding them down, only to have them fog back up extraordinarily quickly, I'd rather spend money on a new pair than go through that again. That said, part of...
  4. Marketplace
    I thought we'd start this thread fresh. Either simply post a link to use the [ebay] tags and ebay item number. When you find a cool eBay product that could be helpful to others, post it here. I'm not talking about all the stupid things on eBay like tanks, or babies, or Lindsay Lohan underwear...
  5. News
    Instead of simply copy and pasting the URL of an eBay auction you can now use built in BB codes to display the eBay auction widget. It's simple. Just copy and paste the eBay item number in between the [ebay] tags in any thread. Or use the button in the toolbar (not available in Quick Reply...
  6. Off-Topic
    Since I'm planning on losing weight this year, I am going to need to purchase new clothing to fit me as I shrink. I'm at 280lbs right now, so I wear XL and XXL shirts, 42" waist pants, and I'm tall so size 13-14 shoes. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find decent clothing from the brands...
  7. Pro Member Forum
    Matt (Levianthant) showed me something he is doing on his NIN websites and offered to lend me all his code to make it work here on EXD. Basically it takes eBay auction information (from a set of search queries) and aggregates them into an RSS feed. Then he came up with some code that makes it...
1-7 of 7 Results