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elantra gt 2003
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  1. Naturally Aspirated
    I'm trying to invole myself into the performance aspect of my 02 Elantra GT hatchback. I know enough about mechanics to perform all the nessesary work I just need to find anyone that has parts. I will include a list of needed parts and engine specs. If anyone could point me in the right...
  2. Maintenance & Care
    Hi there, question about scheduled maintenance: Excuse my lack of knowledge, but I have an 2003 4-door hatchback GT with 2.0 SULEV... so my car is about 7 years old with almost 50,000 miles. I was looking over my maintenace records and realized that I have been following the schedule...
  3. Do It Yourself Section
    Hi there, Anybody have suggestions on finding a driver side sun visor for an 03 GT? I still have the original in place and the plastic flip cover over the mirror broke off. I've looked everywhere, but cannot find this specific sun visor with the mirror and plastic flip cover. Everybody tries...
1-3 of 3 Results