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    I thought some of the newer members might get a laugh out of some old school EXD stuff. Here is the "intro" page you saw when you visited back in 2003. Sorry the video is crap, it's a .swf file and YouTube doesn't allow for uploading that kind of thing so I used my camera to...
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    After finding out that the 2010 Elantra Touring thread was on the first page of Google under a search for "2010 elantra" I decided to just search for "elantra" and EXD is the 5th entry for this search! This is awesome. Guys, please run a Google search for "elantra" and see if you get similar...
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    I don't think there are many Twitter users here, but if so be sure to follow EXD on Twitter. It's one of the few "social networking" sites that I like (along with Flickr). Maybe I'll find some clever ways to use Twitter like free Pro Member access and stuff like...
1-3 of 3 Results