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  1. New Member Checkpoint
    Hello I'm a newbie here and I'm glad to see there are other Hyundai enthusiasts gotta b honest I'm cheating with a Honda and I been thinking has any1 ever tried to put A vtec in one I have a 02 elantra and I have 2 02 Hondas one is an accord 5spd and one is a civic auto so my elantra is also a...
  2. Help!
    Have spent hours searching under diff topics, but it is very inefficient. What years, engines, options can go into my 94 elantra, manual trans? I see 4g63. But is it THAT simple? Auto vs. Manual matter? 98 eclipse into 94 elantra? Ecu from which year? Ecu from which tranny car? Any advice...
  3. Naturally Aspirated
    My name is Dave I am 21 and have had my Elantra since i purchased it from my grandfather at 17. I have been hovering the boards here and at elantraclub, have a few posts here. So about two weeks ago i had catastrophic failure in my engine (car has auto trans.), and now need two replace it with...
1-3 of 3 Results