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  1. Other Cars & Car News
    Went to the Auto Show today and took some videos. Videos of the new Sonata, the soon to be North American Equus, and the Blue Will Concept. There was a guy doing a presentation on the Equus and afterwards he said he had giveaways for current Hyundai owners. He wanted to see people's keys as...
  2. Other Cars & Car News
    I tweeted about this the other day ( but for those that missed it. Anyway, it's a super luxury car bigger than the Genesis. Originally HyundaiUSA said there was no way it was coming over here but I guess they've changed their minds. It'll be interesting if they...
  3. Other Cars & Car News
    Hyundai is making a replacement for their Equus in Korea (which was the super high end luxury model there). Codename is VI right now. No plans for release outside of Korea. This is bigger and more luxuryafied than the Genesis (BH). Link to picture.
1-3 of 3 Results