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  1. Member Profiles
    Hey guys and girls, hope y'all didn't forget about me! This Friday I purchased a 2011 Elantra GLS. ~25000km on it. It's BONE stock, and looks like a young family owned it before me. Seats look like there were some messy assed kids in the back. Oh well... Got it for a decent price (for Canada)...
  2. Help!
    I live in Michigan and last night all our streets we're pretty much flooded from rain and melting snow. My car got stuck in about 3 feet of water. My engine was pretty much out of the water but the back end, not so lucky. I had about 8 inches of water in the back driver seat and about 4 in the...
  3. Help!
    I didn't really know what forum category to post this in so yeah thats why its in the help section... I have about 150$ to spend on ANYTHING i would like and really wanna put it towards my car...but....i dont know for what? Im thinking along the lines of appearance.. Help me out here? :D
  4. Appearance
    I just bought my 2002 hyundai elantra GLS. Im low on cash, like basically none. But i want to improve the appearance of it. This is my first car and have no money to like totally deck it out yet because i spent all my money on actually buying it. Any suggestions of some cheap things i can do to...
1-4 of 4 Results