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  1. News
    First time in a while for one of these, too long I guess, but when the inspiration comes around I jump on it. Twitter followers and Pro Members had a glimpse of this earlier in the week. Here it is, enjoy.
  2. Pro Member Forum
    Been entirely too long since I did one of these. In case you didn't see in on Twitter (and shame on you for not following EXD on Twitter if that's the case). (Click on it to make it bigger if you need to).
  3. News
    For those of you not keen on the Twitter or a Pro Member, check out last week's extra exdra. extra exdra V. Had you been up with the Twitter you would have seen it 4-5 days ago. So don't forget to join and follow EXD at
  4. Pro Member Forum
    It's stupid, but here it is. This way when people go to the Cafepress link and see the preview they'll know what I want them to do. Hopefully I'll have the Calendar on sale later today.
  5. Pro Member Forum
    If anyone wants to make any extra exdra cartoons of there own then they can post them here. If any of the ideas are Superamazing then maybe we can use them for the "official" extra exdra. Derek, post yours in this thread too.
  6. News
    Fourth installment of the EXD cartoon that nobody cares about. Hyundai meets. I felt it was appropriate as this time of the year there are quite a few popular meets.
  7. Pro Member Forum
    Coming out later today! I'll preview it here when I finish it and then post it in the public area later tonight.
  8. News
    Been a while, and I'm not sure this one is as funny as the others, but here you go. extra exdra - read all about it.
1-8 of 8 Results