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  1. Help!
    Hello guys, i own a 06 automatic 2.0L xd elantra. I have a doubt about the spinning speed of the candenser fan. I recently replaced the COND1 Relay (relay for condenser fan). Before replacement, when i turned the AC on, the fan started running in what i consider high speed. After replacing...
  2. Help!
    Hi guys, i have a doubt about the rad and condenser fan spinning direction. My rad fan is pulling out air from rad towards the inside of the Hood. The condenser fan is pushing air through rad and condenser. Is this normal? shoudn`t they blow air in the same direction? I have and 06 2.0 GL...
  3. Help!
    hi! I noticed that my 02 Elantra starts overheating and AC blows warm when the car is not moving (traffic lights, etc). When moving everything is fine. Changed thermostat - same problem. Cooling fan turns on and seems to work fine, but the AC fan does not come on at all. What could be the...
1-3 of 3 Results