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  1. Help!
    you know how a gas pump will automatically ckick and turn itself off when the tank gets full. well imagine pulling up to the gas station with an empty tank and the pump will not stay on. that's my issue. i can't lock the pump handle cause something is causing it to cut off even though the...
  2. Help!
    A few weeks ago my CEL came on. I noticed my car was running pretty sluggish and at times wanted to stall. I went and got the code ran and it ended up being the o2 sensor 1. I got the parts and changed the sensor. My car is still running terrible. The sluggish and stalling events happen off...
  3. Help!
    We've owned our 01 Elantra A/T for 3-1/2 years now. Bought it at 119k, now at 153k. In the past year, the car has developed a starting problem when it's been sitting for a few minutes. When you go to start it, it will turn over and then die out immediately. Most of the time, on the second start...
1-3 of 4 Results