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  1. Interior
    I've seen lots of threads about this, but get confused when people start talking bulbs. I want to change my dash to blue, what do I need to do? Just buy LED's and swap them out? Or do I have to solder (havent had much practice with that)? Any information would be a grand help!!
  2. Help!
    Hey guys i will really appreciate your help on this one. I have a 1999 mitsubishi lancer GL - the dash board has no RPM and the teperature gauge is a big one. Today i have replace the dash board with another mitsubishi dash board that has RPM and the temperature gauge is small now the reading...
  3. Interior
    So I just got a 4 in 1 tachometer, oil pressure and temp, and water temp gauge. I was wondering if anyone knew a good way to work the wires in through the engine bay. The only way Id know how to was when I did my neons I routed it through the firewall but that was mounted under the steering...
1-3 of 3 Results