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  1. Off-Topic
    Who saw Inception? I wanted to see it but was going to wait until DVD (well, Netflix) but on Think Tank they posted a thing about how they "placed" a Genesis in the movie so then I wanted to see it now. I liked the movie and I liked seeing the Genesis in it, but why oh why did they have to use...
  2. Other Cars & Car News
    I bet some of you guys already know about this site, but if not, here you go: It has some cool videos and stuff. There is also a Q&A section from a live webcast we did and it looks like Aaron (i8acobra) had one of his questions answered as well as some other...
  3. Off-Topic
    Literally. Aw, dammit. It's a repost. I didn't find it first time I searched. :(
  4. Off-Topic
    I know alot of people here haven't signed up for accounts on some of the Gen Coupe forums and I'd really like to see this happen. As most of you know, Rhys Millen built a race-ready Gen for sema and is trying to get Hyundai to sponsor the car for next season. Hyundai execs seem to be resistant...
  5. Other Cars & Car News
    Interesting. Could be good for marketing.
  6. Other Cars & Car News
    Take a look. It looks a million times better than that photochop we saw earlier.
  7. Other Cars & Car News
    Car and Driver has some information via John Krafcik about the Hyundai Luxury Brand as well as some general information about the Genesis Sedan and Coupe. Interesting that it notes the number of 13 years to fully develop such a brand. I don't think Hyundai needs to worry about another brand...
  8. Other Cars & Car News
    This should be cool (even if it's ugly as poop).
  9. Off-Topic
    Everyone should try to see if they can register for the Drive Genesis event if one is in your area. Should be a pretty fun hour an a half. They sent me a "VIP code" so that's how I registered. But you can still sign up without one it looks like.
1-9 of 9 Results