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  1. Help!
    Yes theirs wiper fluid, but I don’t hear anything happen when you try and turn it on, any ideas?
  2. Interior
    Hi everyone -- Can anyone give me information on the following, for a 2005 Elantra GLS sedan\automatic? Instrument Cluster Bulbs: there appears to be two types (wedge types), one being bigger than the other. Can someone tell me which types are used and how many of each? I would convert over...
  3. Off-Topic
    So i am faced with a tough decision. Right now i have an 02 elantra gls that has about 95k on it. It's a reliable thing haven' had any major issues with it yet, and it should last a long time. On the other hand i have the opportunity to purchase an 01 Wrangler TJ with only 69k miles. As i am in...
  4. Maintenance & Care
    So I got an 02 gls. After I drive it for a little and then idle (ex red light, stop sign) I get an odd rattle from the front end. It only rattles in drive too, and only when it's warm. Please tell me I'm not the only one that has this problem. Any help appreciated.
  5. Help!
    Hello all, I'm not quite sure what is wrong with my 2003 elantra. My car has been splashing coolant all over my engine bay the past few days. When I'm in traffic I will sometimes see a white smoke come up from the hood. And when I get to where I'm going I will smell burnt coolant. It appears to...
  6. Maintenance & Care
    Hello all, my 2003 Elantra GLS has been running pretty well recently until yesterday. All of my windows no longer roll down, initial I think I shorted something out. I noticed that my left tail light has been out, so I bought a replacement bulb the Sylvania 2357 I believe. I take out the housing...
  7. Audio/Video/Security
    Hello everone im new to this forum amd also a forst time car owner. I recently bought a used 2002 elanta gls and did some fixing to it. Mainly brakes, Weather stripping, 02 sensor. Anyway I am pretty happy with the car so far rides nice and also has 87k miles. The speakers in the car are fine...
  8. Marketplace
    getting ready to scrap my car so i thought i might try and sell some parts before doing so just reply with what you want and a price i need to get the parting out done asap so i can scrap the car ill sell cheap i promise i also have a gt spoiler on the car custom gauges headlights and led...
  9. Maintenance & Care
    I wanted to thank everyone on here for the helpful DIY to the timing belt job, I was able to get this done in day with help from a friend. I replaced all 4 belts, along with the timing belt tensioner and idler pulley. I'm far from a mechanic but if you can turn a wrench you can do this job. The...
  10. Maintenance & Care
    Hello everyone, my 2003 Elantra GLS just hit 160k miles I've had since 110k. I've been trying to do more of my own maintenance with this car, so I attempted to replace the PCV valve today with no success. I've read previous forum post about the brass fitting coming out, and sure enough mine did...
  11. Help!
    So I got in a front end accident and had to replace the entire front end of my car a few months back. I didn't know much about the car so I wasn't sure what was missing or what fell out when the accident occurred. So my question is, can someone post a picture of their engine bay so I can compare...
  12. Member Profiles
    Heres my 2002 5 speed elantra in the car: custom cold air intake raceland coilovers stage 1 clutch custom mesh grille(first pictures were taken before fabrication) garage door seal(lip) 16" OZ superturismo wheels(dont have all 4 tires yet will post pictures soon) car should be done 05/20/13
  13. Forced Induction and Nitrous
    I have an auto 2001 Elantra GLS. Im really considering boosting it, but I dont want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a turbo kit. Any suggestions? Im looking to keep it under $1500 if possible. Also, if anybody is selling a kit, let me know!
  14. Marketplace
    The grill is new and "Metal Gray" in color for the 01-03 GLS. I'm in the South Bay (Cali) area and pick up is available. Box, screws and Roadruns decal included. Price: $125! Contact: Google Talk: crkdfox[at]gmail[.]com Mobile: [310] 987-2867 Thanks!
  15. 2011-2013 Hyundai Elantra MD/UD
    apparently when i get bored and cant sleep this is what i do now. anyway, im just getting started here at elantraXD, and my new 2011 Elantra GLS is an upgrade from a 2001 Accent GS for me, so im obnoxiously entertained with it. ive wanted an Elantra for years, this is my first. i...
  16. Appearance
    Hey all, new to the forum and its late so I apologize if this is a redundant question. I did some reading (here) earlier trying to see if I could put in fog lights on my new gls, only found info on older models, its a gorgeous car upgraded from an 01 accent GS lol, and at first the thought never...
  17. New Member Checkpoint
    Stumbled across this site and forum while find info on my Elantra GLS... My 2002 Elantra GLS just turned 29,000 miles (yes, ...29,000). I don't drive a lot, about 3,500 miles per year, non-commuter, and am a educator in elementary schools. Hope to find a lot of questions answered here;)
  18. New Member Checkpoint
    Hi All, Thought I'd take some time to say hello to you all and introduce myself :) My name is Dann and I live in Brisbane, Australia. I have just purchased a 2001MY (10/2000) Elantra GLS hatch, Parrot Blue in colour. For its age and mileage (128000km/79500mi) its in pretty good shape aside...
  19. Maintenance & Care
    Hey guys, I bought this car two days ago. It was previously owned by a light smoker and was ionized, the car its self smells perfect but when I turn on the air I can tell the filter needs to be replaced. Its an 07 Elantra GLS... I need help on how to replace the filter on my own, car came with...
1-19 of 19 Results