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  1. Help!
    Hey guys 2002 GLS here with about 180K miles on the clock. First let me give you some background. The car has burned/lost about half a quart every 5000K miles Ever since I picked it up at 160K. Not bad I guess for such an old engine. It had a leaking oil drain plug and valve cover gasket, which...
  2. Help!
    Hi, all! Here's a problem I have, hope somebody can give a piece of advice. Elantra '02, had cylinder head replaced on 152,000 miles. Started with "hot soak", for about 6 months, then one day couldn't start it at all, took to a shop - cracked head. They replaced with a rebuilt one. From the...
  3. Naturally Aspirated
    My spare cylinder head, assuming it his crack-free, is going to get some of these, when I finally get it P&P'd. I'm getting tempted to install the 1.8L pistons at the same time... Why? How about 40-50+ degree lower EGTs, reduced fuel consumption, reduced fouling of crankcase oil, reduced...
  4. Forced Induction and Nitrous
    Did a search and couldn't find anything, don't know if they're correct, but the tibby guys are using 'em ... ARP Head and Main stud kits: HEAD STUD KIT: 8x 10MM, 2x 12MM: - $133.40 MAIN STUD KIT: 10MM - $113.95 Link
1-4 of 4 Results