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  1. Maintenance & Care
    Problem solved: a ket-3 fuse/relay thing was damaged, 2 fuses blown, and a endlink.
  2. Appearance
    Hi all (I hope I'm in the right forum- didn't know whether this was DIY or appearance) So start off i have the wonderful Canadian DRL, and i want to install some H1 xenon. But with the DRL kicking on the highs at 6V, -which with xenon the ballast would not light but still be getting power and...
  3. Wheels and Tires
    Hi there, I've noticed that my right front tire keeps leaking air so I took it to the dealership and I was informed that I have a bent rim and it needs to be replaced. Is there anyway to fix a bent rim or do I need to purchase an entire new rim and then have it installed? Also if I do need to...
  4. Help!
    Hey everyone, I just recently bought a 2008 Hyundai Elantra GLS with some front end damage. The previous owner ran into a snow bank..... I replaced the Bumper, Radiator, Radiator support, AC Condenser, Fan shroud, resonator, and cold air intake tube. I currently have no heat and the car...
  5. Suspension/Brakes/Drivetrain
    Thinking of starting on suspension work before i even think of jumping back into the performance field, Question.. what should i go with first Neotech 1.2' lowering springs, Rear Sway Bar, or a Neotech front member brace? Also where can i get a cheap new sway bar, and can a tiburon sway bar fit...
  6. Help!
    aight guys. today i tried starting the engine after my battery died. i jumped the car but it still wont start. when i try to start it makes a cranking noise first off then a vigorous clicking noise. when its clicking the lights flicker. any help?
1-6 of 6 Results